Professor Matthew Murray: "Moldovan businessmen must come up with great solutions in front of decision makers"

Business is part of civil society and needs to help it become stronger. For this, the business must become more responsible, come up with great solutions in front of decision makers and defend their rights. This is the opinion expressed by the assistant professor of public and international policies at Columbia University in the USA, Matthew Murray, at the meeting with the business community, held on October 24. The meeting was organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Policies (CAPE) and discussed the priorities, constraints, but also the perspectives of the business environment in the Republic of Moldova. Activity takes place in the context of anti-corruption reform and the establishment of a democratic decision-making process.

"The authorities accuse the economic agents that they are not involved enough in the decision-making process, and the business is tired of coming up with unresolved proposals. It is necessary the permanent and obligatory information and consultation of the business, through the associations in case of examining the draft acts that may affect their activity, mandatory taking into account the views and opinions of businessmen", said Tatiana Lariushin, director of CAPE.

"Lack of trust is a big gap, as is a lack of respect for the law. And if you don't trust the law, you don't respect it. But business people need to be more responsible, more ethical, honest, come to a dialogue with bigger solutions, respect the law and use it in a way that demonstrates that they think of society as a whole and the public interest. The process of communicating with Parliament and the Government is not just a right or a privilege, but a responsibility above all. On the other hand, the Government must be involved in solving the problems of businessmen. Information contributes to a strong market economy, where business people can invest. And the consultation process is a good opportunity to be informed. It is a system problem that has systemic solutions", says Matthew Murray.

According to him, for a developed economy it is necessary to build from the faculty benches, a better system for a strong market economy. Business people need to develop their skills, be proactive and think on a large scale. In the meantime, the Government needs to develop its transparency tools, replenish its staff with responsible people and focus on improving legislation and less on correcting old laws.

During the discussion with the professor from Columbia University, the businessmen expressed their opinion about the process of public consultation of the laws aimed at their activity, the challenges encountered in communicating with public authorities, but also solutions for a constructive dialogue and a developed market in the Republic of Moldova.

"Transparency in decision making is a very important factor for business, because often those who make decisions do not have a business practice behind them, and those who make the state budget must consult us. The government unfortunately avoids certain consultations, probably to make some decisions faster, but this is not the right. Only when there will be discussions and more opinions will be shared, the most correct decisions will be made ", is the opinion of Dumitru Albulesa, AITA administrator.

"Legislation on the decision-making process is implemented correctly, but there are several factors that diminish its implementation. If previously the discussions between businessmen and deputies were fierce, but in the last two years some representatives of the ministries did not participate in the dialogue. The ministries publish on the site the projects for public consultations, and the small business does not receive the draft laws and for this reason it does not get involved, it does not have time to react either. Likewise, the Moldovan business does not have the necessary financial resources to promote their interests, nor does it have any associations ", underlines the executive director of the Union of Transporters and Roads of the Republic of Moldova, Eugen Datco.

And Igor Crapivca, president of the Republican Businessmen's Club "Timpul", is of the following opinion: "It is useless to talk about a dialogue with the government, because the current government is very weak and unprofessional. It is very difficult to build a certain collaboration with those who do not have the expertise and skills in the correct administration of a state. In a small country with an open economy like the Republic of Moldova, a reform of the government is needed. And this reform must be started by increasing the role of civil society in the decision-making process in general and of business in particular as an active part of society.”