Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Policies (CEEP) is an analytical center created in the Republic of Moldova in 2019 by a team of economists passionate about macroeconomics, who set out to put their knowledge and experience to support the development of the market economy in Moldova.

CEEP's philosophy is based on the principle that a market economy develops and flourishes only by relying on a strong private sector and by stimulating entrepreneurship. For private initiative to have a chance of success, the economic, political and social ecosystem must combine both the principles of functional democracy and the market economy.

CEEP is an engine that works between two interfaces: public and private - it connects with the needs of the private economic environment and helps to develop economic policies that support the construction of a modern and sustainable market economy.

CEEP researches and develops solutions for the economic problems of the Republic of Moldova, argues, proposes and supports in advocacy campaigns public policies that allow the healthy and sustainable development of the private sector in the country.


CEEP supports the development of democracy and of the functional economy through public policies focused on the development of the Moldovan private sector.


The core values that serve as CEEP’s principles are:

  • Integrity

  • Good Governance

  • Transparency

  • Innovation and Professionalism