Business representatives from Rezina district want a constructive dialogue with the authorities and less bureaucracy

Excessive controls by state institutions and bureaucracy are the problems faced by small and medium enterprises in the Republic of Moldova, according to businessmen. Opinions were expressed on 10 October in Rezina at the round table "Transparent and inclusive governance: the participation of the business environment in the dialogue with public authorities". The event is part of a series of five round tables organized at national level, whose aim is to facilitate the creation of a constructive dialogue between public authorities and the business environment.

"We want to change the parliamentary practices of examining bills without consulting businessmen or mimicking public consultations, by proposing amendments to the legal framework, directly to Parliament's Rules of Procedure, or by identifying other tools that would stimulate effective dialogue between those who elaborates and adopts the laws in the Republic of Moldova and the business that will be obliged to implement the future legal norms, considers the lawyer within the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Policies (CAPE), Viorel Pirvan.

"The biggest problem is that public authorities do not want to communicate because they do not know how to do it. The more liberal the public authorities are in their relations with entrepreneurs, but with the explanation of the legal framework and the consequences that may arise, they will not slip into the shadow economy and will comply with the rules. The prevention law would be a solution, and when the inspector together with the contractor establish the violations, the contractor will try to remedy them”, mentioned Vitalie Colun, CCI director, Orhei branch.

Representatives of the business community present at the round table believe that the main problems stem from the fact that laws are written on paper, but not always applied in practice. Therefore, entrepreneurs stressed the need for the state to take urgent measures to revitalize the business environment, primarily in the real sector of the economy.

"In order for the laws to be adopted, they must pass several filters and not be voted overnight", says the entrepreneur Alexandru Locomon.

And the beekeeper Doina Pantaz from Meseni village, Rezina district, recommends tax exemption for entrepreneurs who have social responsibility projects, courses for entrepreneurs before starting a business, introduction of financial education in schools and constructive communication between authorities and farmers. “I have no one to turn to when I have a problem, I turn to the Tax Service with a request, and they respond with excerpts from the law, without giving me explanations.”

"We have beautiful laws on paper, but the implementation is zero. I do not know what is being done in Parliament, but the practice is just zero. It also depends a lot on the organization of business associations, and after the appointment of a new director, the association begins to obtain other results", says Iulia, one of the farmers present at the round table.

The issues and recommendations of the participants in the round table "Transparent and inclusive governance: participation of the business environment in the dialogue with public authorities" are to be examined and included in a position note from the business environment, subsequently submitted to the new Government.

Similar round tables will take place in the cities of Balti and Soroca.